Frequently Asked Questions


All visitation times are based on the section the inmate is assigned and are scheduled through the website.

Only authorized immediate family members- parents, grandparents, legal spouses, siblings, and children. The following persons will not be allowed to visit:

  • Any person awaiting trial in any jurisdiction for a felony offense.
  • Any person on furlough or pass from any correctional institution or rehab
  • Any person released from jail/prison during the past 12 months
  • Any person who is a co-defendant or victim of the inmate
  • Any person who has an active warrant for their arrest

Inmates establish their visitation list when they are booked into the facility. Only in special circumstances will a change be made to an inmate’s visitation list once they have been booked in. The inmate is the only that can request a change to the list. 

Visits are scheduled through the website for general population inmates. Inmates not listed on that website can be visited by scheduling via the visitation desk at (256) 241-8032.  Under certain circumstances a special visit may be authorized by jail administration. If you would like to request a special visit please call the visitation desk.

No, only authorized immediate family members (parent, grandparent, legal spouse, sibling, or children).


Please refer to where you can purchase a care package to be sent to an inmate.

  • Inmates may receive publications as follows: New paperback or soft back books (no hardcover books) sent directly from the publisher Barnes and Noble to the jail.
  • Books must be no larger than 9.5 x 6.5 inches. Inmates are allowed one book per month send directly from Barnes and Noble to the jail. The number of paperback books that inmates are allowed to have in possession is limited to four. Magazines and newspapers are a fire hazard and they are not allowed in the jail in accordance with fire department regulations and fire code.
  • Books that contain lewd, obscene, or inflammatory books or photographs will not be permitted. Publications that are directed at revolutionary activities, advocate treason or civil disobedience will not be permitted in the facility. The Jail Administrator or designee reserves the right to refuse any book. Books that do not meet the standards of this facility will be destroyed or donated to charity.


Mail should be addressed with the inmates name to 400 West 8th Street, Anniston, AL 36201. The return address must be listed

Inmates are allowed to receive letters from friends and family. All incoming and outgoing mail will be inspected. Do not send any form of money in the mail.

Inmate Accounts:

Money can be added to an inmate’s store account at the jail lobby store kiosk, by visiting Money can be added to the inmate’s phone account at the jail lobby phone kiosk, my visiting

We do not accept money orders or checks.


The Calhoun County Jail personnel will not accept personal paperwork that needs to be signed by the inmate. This must be done utilizing the United Postal Service.

Inmates can receive mail and can make phone calls.

400 West 8th Street Anniston, AL 36201
(256) 241-8032 general information
(256) 241-8032 visitation appointments

Inmates that have a bond amount set can make bond at anytime. Those that do not have bonds cannot be released until his/her judge has authorized it.

Only messages containing emergency information can be delivered to an inmate. Please contact the supervisor or administration if you have an emergency message (they are the only ones that can approve it).

The Calhoun County Jail is a tobacco free facility. Tobacco products are considered contraband and possession in the facility is against the law.

The date an inmate is taken to prison is decided by the Alabama Department of Corrections. The Calhoun County Jail cannot give out transport information.

The inmate has an active warrant for their arrest or is wanted by another agency. Please contact that agency for more information.

The date an inmate is taken to prison is decided by the Alabama Department of Corrections. The Calhoun County Jail cannot give out transport information.We cannot give out information regarding an inmate’s monetary accounts. You will need to discuss this information with the inmate.