Inmate Packages

Due to security concerns the Calhoun County Jail no longer accepts packages of any kind.

Please refer to where you can purchase a care package to be sent to an inmate.

  • Books and Publications
    • Inmates may receive publications as follows: New paperback or soft back books (no hardcover books) sent directly from the publisher Barnes and Noble to the jail.
    • Books must be no larger than 9.5 x 6.5 inches. Inmates are allowed one book per month send directly from Barnes and Noble to the jail. The number of paperback books that inmates are allowed to have in possession is limited to four. Magazines and newspapers are a fire hazard and they are not allowed in the jail in accordance with fire department regulations and fire code.
    • Books that contain lewd, obscene, or inflammatory books or photographs will not be permitted. Publications that are directed at revolutionary activities, advocate treason or civil disobedience will not be permitted in the facility. The Jail Administrator or designee reserves the right to refuse any book. Books that do not meet the standards of this facility will be destroyed or donated to charity.
  • All inmate business, including attorney visits, will only be conducted during the following times:

    8AM – 10AM, 12PM – 4PM, 6PM – 7PM, 8PM – 11PM