Reserves Program

Mission Statement
The Reserve unit of the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office is a volunteer group organized to augment the Sheriff’s Office in providing law enforcement services for Calhoun County. Reserve Deputies will receive or have already accomplished formal training resulting in certification by the State of Alabama as a Peace Officer. Reserve Deputies have the same duty responsibilities and mission goals as their full time peers.

Calhoun County’s Reserve Association
The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Reserve Association was organized in 1995 by Sheriff Larry Amerson and has been a vital asset since its inception. Members come from all areas of the community life and include individuals from the medical field, insurance industry, retired people, small business owners, service industries such as transportation, broadcasting and communications, sales representatives, civil servants, and a host of other professions.

Reserve Deputies
Reserve Deputies donate their time to the citizens of Calhoun County for a variety of reasons. Most say that they want to give back to the community, in which they work and live. Others feel that the satisfaction and tremendous sense of accomplishment they receive from assisting the community far outweighs any compensation. During 2005 over 9,700 duty hours were performed by Reserve Deputies, resulting in considerable savings for the Calhoun County taxpayer.
Reserve Deputies wear the same uniforms, have the same badges, identification cards and must meet all the education, training and duty requirements of the full time officers. However, Reserve Deputies are allowed to perform as “sworn officers” only when in uniform and performing duty under the auspices of the Sheriff’s Office. Reserves assist the full time officers in the areas of Patrol Duty, Criminal Investigation, K-9 Services, Mounted Posse and Court Services.

Requirements to Join CCSO-RO

Law enforcement experience is not a prerequisite to join our organization, however all Reserves are expected to at some future date apply and complete an academy certifying them as police officer under Alabama Law. Those who are currently certified and have previous experience are a “plus” to the organization. Each Reserve Deputy applicant is required to complete a 160-hour training course, which is provided by the Sheriff’s Office.

Personal Investment

All Reserve Deputies are required to provide personal equipment including approved firearms, duty belt equipment, some uniform items, shoes, ballistic vest, etc. These items must be purchased by the individual reservist and can result in a cost of more than $1000.

Each Reserve Deputy must commit to work at least 16 hours monthly or 48 hours quarterly, attend monthly training courses and all quarterly weapons qualifications.

Citizens of Calhoun County interested in serving as a Reserve Deputy may initially apply using the Reserve Application. Complete the application and mail or fax it to the indicated address. The release to perform the background investigation must be notarized. If selected, a more detailed application will need to be completed.

Criminal Background Check
Based on the information you provide, a background investigation will be performed, including inquiries to federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. Any applicant that has been convicted of a felony or a serious traffic violation will not be considered. A drug screen, polygraph, credit check, psychological evaluation or other evaluations may also be required as additional sources of information. Upon completion of this initial investigation a member of our organization will contact you.

More Information
For more information, please email at or contact by telephone at (256) 236-6600.

Reserve Coordinator:
Chief Deputy Lynde Meeder