The mission of the Calhoun County Jail is to provide a safe and secure confinement of those persons committed to the custody of the jail, and to ensure that all inmates are treated in accordance with the established laws of the United States of America and the State of Alabama.

The Calhoun County Jail is operated by the Sheriff of Calhoun County.  The Calhoun County Commission has the responsibility for funding the operations of the jail.  The Commission determines the number of staff and the annual operating budget.  The primary function of this institution is the maintenance of those individuals who must be held in custody pending disposition of their respective cases by the Courts.

Generally, custody in this institution is not intended to be punitive.  Most men and women incarcerated here have not been tried by the Courts and so must be presumed innocent until such time as guilt has been determined by the law.  Some of the inmates here have been tried and are sentenced County and/or State inmates.  Federal inmates are also housed in this institution.

Offenses vary from inmate to inmate, however historically, about 38% are charged with probation violation or failure to appear, and approximately 25% are charged with some form of drug or alcohol offense.

Our county jail is a multi-faceted environment.  Not only a jail, we have a full kitchen facility which prepares in excess of 400,000 meals per year, a drug rehabilitation program, which provides over 4,000 hours of community service annually, a medical facility, and a separate women’s facility.  Our corrections officers are here to facilitate an inmate’s stay and are tasked with, not only security, but providing transport services, mail delivery, visitation coordination, intake, food delivery, and general care.

Interaction with the jail can be confusing and our staff of professional officers are here to help.  Visitation and package policies are explained further on this site.  As always if you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact the jail captain. 

Sheriff Matthew Wade
400 West 8th Street
Anniston, Alabama 36201

All inmate business, including attorney visits, will only be conducted during the following times:

8AM – 10AM, 12PM – 4PM, 6PM – 7PM, 8PM – 11PM

Captain Falon Hurst